New Year’s Food for Thought

Along with the many traditions around the world for celebrating the New Year, food plays an important part and often has it’s own symbolism or ‘good luck’ factor.

Kale, spinach, lettuce, parsley . . . why are they supposed symbolic of good fortune? Why, because they are green . . . like money! Serve them up with your New Year and hope it is true and the dollars come rolling into your 2015.

Keeping in the financial theme, some people/cultures believe beans resemble coins which are always welcome in any home. Check the sofa cushions to begin your rain of coins for the new year!

Noodles, the longer the better, are indicative of long life. I know this is a theme in Asian cooking but where does Italian spaghetti come in on this?

Fruit is a sign of prosperity especially the pomegranate with it’s many seeds showing forth abundance.

The porcine sector or the animal kingdom are considered lucky. Pigs are considered ‘progressive’ as they are always rooting forward in their pursuit of treats/foods in the dirt. Being of a well-fleshed nature (aka fat!), they are often symbol of abundance and wealth.

Again with the coin symbol! The scales of a fish sort of resemble coins and with so many fish in the sea, are also reminders of abundance.

If you are going to bake a cake for your New Year’s celebration, bake it in a ring pan! Rings always come full circle as do the months of the year. Some countries like to hide trinkets in the cake that symbolize the future for the finders.

Sigh . . . I didn’t see chicken on the ‘menu’ and that’s what I’m planning for the holiday tomorrow. I was thinking of something Asian for dinner so if I include noodles for good luck, I should be okay, right?


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