The Catholic Church and the Turkey Pronouncement of the 1950’s!

As Catholics should know by now, we no longer (except in Lent) have to abstain from meat on Fridays BUT and this is a huge reminder, we DO have to make a sacrifice in lieu of the meat abstinence.

In the 1950’s, Venerable Pope Pius XII officially granted Americans a dispensation from the Friday abstinence of the day so they could enjoy their leftover turkey the Friday after Thanksgiving.

There was a lot of scrupulosity as the years went on after the pronouncement by Pope Pius XII that he only meant it because of the refrigeration issues in those days, etc., but what the Pope said was plain and simple was for Americans to enjoy their turkey on Friday with no reservations or caveats about the future, modern improvement in meat preservation via refrigeration.

As we are also ‘forgetful’ Catholics, our family continues with the Friday abstinence on the Fridays of the year, so were happy to learn that we are ‘required-sacrifice free’ the day after Thanksgiving Day. We can eat our turkey (or ham) without replacing the treat with another sacrifice. I’m thinking that given this dispensation, so many decades ago, we might consider a more prayerful day before, during, and after our mini-Thanksgiving meal with the leftovers on Friday. Wouldn’t hurt to send a prayer of thanksgiving in honor of Pope Pius XII, too.

2 thoughts on “The Catholic Church and the Turkey Pronouncement of the 1950’s!

  1. I hope your turkey or ham is truly tasty and that everyone is fine. It’s very quiet here as we told the kids to come on Sunday for our feast. Michelle and Melissa have work today. So it’s just Gavin and us. Now I am not exhausted like you might be—yet. I wanted to let you know that my mom’s home is hosting a craft fair on Dec 6 and they are advertising for vendors. I wondered if you were interested because you’re geared up for Sunday already. I’m sure you’d be a hit! And the neighborhood is upscale compared to here. Here’s a picture of the banner ad Well now as soon as I figure it out !!!! Sent from my iPod



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