Ongoing Executive Orders . . .

!cid_image001_png@01CF33A7Although there are probably hundreds of thousands of people waiting in line to move to the United States and become citizens, it looks like no matter how long they have been waiting, they will now have to go to the back of the line. Yes, they have been providing the necessary paperwork, finding sponsors, and making sure they can find employment once that day arrives but, obviously, that is not good enough.

Today, the news relates that the president is signing an executive order to bring in thousands of illegal immigrants by airplane to avoid the arduous trip through Mexico and the danger of dealing with the human smugglers. And you have to wonder about the wisdom of this action. The United States is getting famous for it’s horrendous national debt yet the president doesn’t seem to worry about this current plan that could cost over 100 million dollars. Seriously, with unemployment a serious concern, he really doesn’t have a huge number of hardworking taxpayers to burden with this new debit.

As of current news, the illegal immigrants will be flying in without ID while American citizens with picture ID will still be groped and embarrassed at the airports. Just last week, the news reflected what happens when you let thousands into the country with the request that they show up at deportation hearings . . . the majority didn’t show up. Surprised?

Doctors and nurses working with the incoming flood of children were sworn to secrecy about what they were seeing or treating or lose their jobs. Information, however, always leaks out and the least of the problems is lice escalating up from there to contagious TB, scabies, HIV infections, leprosy, and the various hepatitis varieties. Although the Ellis Island of bygone days might have had it’s problems, screening people coming in is important . . . as this country will soon discover . . . the hard way. Anyone who hasn’t caught up their vaccinations for childhood diseases like measles, mumps, etc., might consider doing so before the medical staffs are overburdened.

Seems to me that it might have been a more worthy move to fix what needs fixing at home. Veterans are still dying. What could $100 million do to bring that into a better working situation?

When the president of Honduras was interviewed, he said this was happening because our immigration laws were unclear. No, read the immigration laws. They are clear but being randomly enforced.

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