Mr. Blue – An Interesting Little Book

Mr. Blue - An Interesting Little Book

My husband picked up an old paperback book for me from the used book section at his library. The original price on the book was fifty cents which should reveal starkly exactly how far back this book was written! It’s first printing was 1928 and the last printing was 1957. As with books about the ‘olden times’, it had a lot of profound insights which made it readable on several levels.

The book was Mr. Blue by Myles Connolly. It was about Mr. Blue who was seemingly a bit of an eccentric but who really had the most basic grasp on being a Christian and a man of valor. I plan to read it, again, as there seemed to be more between the lines to discover.

There was a poem ‘written’ by the main character, Mr. Blue, that certainly showed one how much God loved his mortal creatures. I thought I’d share it here with you.

by J. Blue

Human love is blind-
But how strange the love must be
Of the good and gracious God
Who died for the like of me.
So herein let us have hope
That our squalor finds disguise
In the splendor of His heart,
In the glory of His eyes . . .

The book meandered seemingly without purpose with no real beginning or end, just an enduring hope.

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