Saving Our Future . . .

Self-Worth: Dear Jesus, help our kids know that we are all born as sinners and separated from God because of our wicked hearts. However, at an early age, help our children grasp the life-transforming concept that they don’t have to live as a sinner under that condemnation.

Body Image: Lord we ask that you’d protect our kids from the idea that they must do anything and everything (including abusing their bodies through eating disorders, drug abuse, or other harmful behaviors) in order to attaining a “preferred” shape or figure. We pray you’d protect our kids from that kind of destructive thinking, and that if they’re tempted to take these kind of drastic measures, that you’d send someone in their lives to stop them. Help them to remember over and over that their identity is not in how they look on the outside but what you see as their potential and worth on the inside.

Influences: We pray that you would surround our children with friendships and mentor-type relationships that portray what it means to have an authentic relationship with Christ. In turn, we pray that you would raise our kids up to be the influencers of the next generation. We pray that you would allow godliness and righteousness to dwell in their hearts so richly that these evidences of your truth spill out of them and to every person they encounter.

Passions: God, help us to know how to guide our kids in their passions by blessing us with the divine wisdom to know when to joyfully open up the gates toward new freedoms and desires, and when to curtail our children’s passions because they’re not able to accept the responsibilities yet in full. Help us model to our kids what it means to live passionately for You by boldly following the dreams you’ve placed in our heart, never settling for complacency.

Money, Possessions and Work: We pray that our kids would persevere in whatever vocation you give them and that they would work with cheerful hearts as if they were serving you directly. We pray that our kids would see at an early age that money and possessions are a gift from You and thus must be always held with an open hand so that You can use those gifts to bless others

Content taken from “5 Areas of Your Child’s Life to Pray against Satanic Attack” by Alicia Michelle. 

Motherly Observations . . .

A friend and I were gently teasing each other about our future, eternal rewards. My friend cinched the matter by saying, “Oh, I think we all should spend a little time in Purgatory . . .to say hello to friends before we head on up into Heaven!”.
A friend at daily Mass said her mother felt that afternoon soap operas depicted more than should be aired on television. In consideration of the characters feelings, she always turns the television off for the afternoon to give them privacy!


I knew further investigation was in order when I came upon three-year-old Marc muttering to himself, “I will never tell the truth again! It gets me in nothing but trouble!”

Book Suggestion of the Week!

Title: Saint Joseph of Copertino
Author: Fr. Angelo Pastrovicchi, OMC
God’s wants are not complicated! He uses simple means to teach and human examples to show how we can improve our lives.
St. Joseph of Copertino was such a simple man yet the depth of his love for God and His Mother was greater than he could contain within the bounds of usual expression.
Father Pastrovicchi has written that even the mention of our Lord or Blessed Mother would cause St. Joseph to levitate while he prayed. It certainly takes a specially blessed individual to outwardly show God’s power in dramatic ways. However, the experiences of such a religious person should cause us to reflect on our own perception of prayer in our lives.

Thoughtful Maybe a Scary Quote?

“There comes a moment when people who have been dabbling in religion (Man’s search for God!) suddenly draw back. Suppose we really found Him! We never meant it to come to that! Worse still, supposing He had found us?”
(C.S. Lewis’s Miracles)

Respecting Our President

It is difficult to figure out the liberals. When their candidates lose an election, it is time to demean and scream ‘impeach 45’ without a basis for even beginning such a procedure other than their ‘guy’ didn’t win and the Republican candidate was elected. Not everyone was an obama fan yet how many of you recall Republicans creating chaos and mayhem on the streets, destroying police cars, attacking democrats wearing obama tee shirts, and constantly making up scenarios of why obama wasn’t fit for office and calling for his immediate impeachment?

True, President Trump isn’t of the closed ranks of the establishment politician. He can’t be bought! He did the remarkable in that he has kept all his campaign promises during his first year in office and brought about national and worldwide changes that no other president seemed to take quite as seriously for the long-term welfare of the United States.

You could delve into the history of just about any of President Trump’s critics and dig up worse than anything they have had to go back into ancient history to demean the president. While the President works hard at making good changes and supporting the American people, the left would rather bring the country to a standstill and then blame President Trump from not being a good president.

Every word uttered by the President is double-checked, defined according to liberal standards, then warped to suit whatever the latest agenda happens to be, and then thrown into bring good progress to an screeching halt proving that they are more interested in invalidly demeaning the President rather then protecting and improving the country.

The election of President Donald J. Trump has proved one thing, however. His overwhelming election to office reflects that a great majority of voters are thinking people who realize that enough is enough and wanted to have a MAN in office rather than a bunch of self-serving elected officials and their lackeys.

It is very evident that part of the shock of 2016 was that regardless of all the garbage the opposition threw at President Trump’s run for office, they left one thing out of their equation for success. It was and continues to reflect the Democrats intricate avenues of preying. But, while they were ‘preying’ for the 2016 hillary win, many other people found their values and PRAYED their way to the win in 2016. I don’t think prayer was a major component for the left’s strategy.  Perhaps, they knew there was such a thing a prayer but couldn’t figure out how to pray to the God of goodness for the sins and evils they wanted to perpetuate.