Another of My Favorite Things

It has come to my attention that even when you do not purchase sugar-free gum or mints, they still include aspartame and such in order to enhance the flavor. I know several people who cannot ingest the questionable artificial sweeteners. I also have found that many of the health store brands of gum usually lose their mint flavor within two chews.

I recently, however, came across XyloBurst which is sugar free AND Aspartame Free. The sweetener is Xylitol which doesn’t have the problems other artificial sweeteners. And, for some wonderful reason, the company has managed to produce a softer gum which retains the flavor for a lot longer. A few other pluses are that it is non-GMO and gluten-free. Some studies have indicated that Xylitol may even reduce the risk of tooth decay and improve oral help.

I found this product on At the time of purchase, the price was under $8 for 100 pieces. Swansons does have sales so it may be more or less when you check it out. It comes in a nice plastic container which makes it convenient for stowing in the glove compartment or a handy nook in your kitchen.

Life Is Precious Until The Courts Say No

Does anyone remember little Charlie Gard? He was a British child in a UK hospital. He was never truly diagnosed but when the parents wanted to transfer him to specialists in the United States and some other countries who invited the family there to see what could possibly be done, the courts took over the case and made the decision to stop life support successfully overruling any parental rights.

Soon after Charlie Gard’s death, another case came to light and, again, the parents of Alfie Evans have been fighting relentlessly with the courts and hospital to have their child transferred to a medical facility that would review his case and possibly help him. Videos have shown the child reacting to his father’s voice, touch, and attention. After days of video footage and testimony from the parents of Alfie, the court has ruled in removing life support.

You have to wonder about a doctor that is so prideful of his control that he can’t let the parents transfer their child to another facility that might have the answer to his problems. What should it matter to the stubborn medical staff in the UK whether the parents want to seek second opinions or not. What kind of undercurrent is going through that medical system that a doctor can determine your baby’s day of death because he says it is useless when other hospitals in the world have opened their doors and hearts to this young family.

Even a hardened criminal often gets a stay of execution but a helpless child is going to have to be deprived of life because a doctor and seemingly flawed justice system doesn’t have an ounce of justice for this young couple and their baby. I guess that in the UK you can have children but you can’t make decisions for them.

How To Stay Catholic In the Midst of the Storm

(1) Keep calm.
(2) Read good books on the history of the Church and the history of the papacy.
(3) Do not give in to apocalyptic warnings.
(4) Do not stay silent, nor look away.
(5) Do not generalize.
(6) Do not help initiatives for the greater glory of the calamitous pontiff.
(7) Do not follow the instructions of the Pope in that which deviates from the treasure of the Church.
(8) Do not financially support collaborationist dioceses.
(9) Do not support any schism.
(10) Pray.

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